Jeff L-in-guistics



I’m S.-Y. Jeff Lin (林仕岳), a first-year graduate student of NYU linguistics.

    My research interests include theories of formal semantics, Minimalist syntax, and studies of syntax-semantics/pragmatics interface, especially with respect to reflexivity, (epistemic) modality, quantification, and wh-constructions.

    My MA thesis, On Reflexivity and Reflexive Predicate in Mandarin Chinese, focuses on the the nature of reflexivity in natural language, which offers an unified account to different types of reflexive structure, including anaphoric binding and reflexive predicate.

    I’m also interested in the syntactic structure of epistemic modality, particularly about its interference/intervention effect with quantification and wh-construals.

    Currently I’m working on two issues: Universal quantification over bare nouns in Mandarin Chinese and subjectivity in raising constructions. Further informations can be found in “Publications” of in this website :)