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Clover is a clustering-oriented de novo assembler for Illumina sequences, which bases on the de Bruijn graph method and utilizes a novel k-mer clustering approach from the overlap-based concept to improve the robustness with respect to sequencing error especially using large k-mers. Clover achieves a superior assembly quality in terms of corrected N50 and E-size.

Test case and test data of Rhodobacter sphaeroides strain are available at ‘Test Case’ of our Website.



Clover is implemented in C, Python and Cython on Linux. The software is available here.

Current Release
for Linux
Released Apr 08, 2020
Available download here



Oct 15, 2018: Initial version of Clover-1.2 is released.

Apr 08, 2020: Clover-2.0, an improvement of clustering performance and memory optimization.

Apr 29, 2020: Download Leptospira shermani dataset tar file here.




Clover: a clustering-oriented de novo assembler for Illumina sequences
Contact: jmfhsieh@gmail.com